The Pure
THE PURE comes from the streets of NYC via Mexico City. This fresh blend of heirloom tomatoes, mango and jalapeno is the Sauce for quesos, nachos, burritos and beverages.

Try it in a cold beer for a Manhattan Michelada!

This item is currently out of stock. Please check back soon.

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The Tomato, get the facts. LYCOPENE is the Antioxidant SLAMMER!!! And our Organic BROOKLYN SALSA contains 3 times as much lycopene as non-organic brands. No kidding. In fact, new research is beginning to indicate that tomatoes go to war with Lung Cancer. Two powerful compounds found in tomatoes - Coumaric Acid and Chlorogenic Acid - are thought to block the effects of Nitrosamines, a toxin produced naturally in the body and the strongest carcinogen found in tobacco smoke. By blocking the effects, your chances of lung cancer are reduced significantly. Eat up. Get some in ALL 5 BOROUGHS!